Villas Update

Villas Update

Today we have some news to share with everyone regarding the renovations being done to our slope-side villas. As mentioned in a previous update, this is a very large project and we are excited to see how they turn out. Both the interior and the exterior of every unit is currently being renovated. We heard your feedback regarding our villas from previous seasons and our intention is to create something special that our guests can experience.
Many of the villas are being turned into multi-floor units. As you can see, quite a bit of work has already been done. Electrical and plumbing are currently being completed. Windows and doors are scheduled to be next.
This project has suffered several setbacks in recent months and unfortunately, the villas will not be available this season. The main issues that we have faced include the acquisition of materials (especially wood) and challenges regarding the pandemic (moving materials and people across the border, etc).
We have been working hard and will continue to do so throughout the season. Initially, we were optimistic that the villas would be available during the season but with the setbacks we have experienced that will not become a reality. We are hoping that the villas will be worth the wait.
We will continue to provide updates on our website and our social media platforms as the resort continues to get bigger and better. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the start of the season.